Spatial Course Mini-Lecture Resources

Schools typically have an instructor introduce each module topic at the start of each class. You can choose to use the free mini-lecture slides or purchase a license for 10 mini-lecture videos and 24 complementary sketching videos that show students how to draw rotated objects for each module. The videos can be embedded in your Learning Management System so students can watch them as they work on their sketching exercises.

Check out samples of the Mini-lecture videos 

and Getting Started Sketching Videos

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Mini-lecture Slides

Before the mini-lecture videos, there were free downloadable mini-lecture slides for each course module. Feel free to use the following presentation slides as mini-lessons in your classroom. These are PPTX files which can be opened using Microsoft PowerPoint.

All slide decks were updated April, 2016.

Module 1 – Solids of Revolution

Module 2 – Combining Solids

Module 3 – Isometric Sketching

Module 4 – Orthographic Projection

Module 5 – Inclined and Curved Surfaces

Module 6 – Flat Patterns

Module 7 – Rotation of Objects about 1 Axis

Module 8 – Rotation of Objects about 2 Axes

Module 9 – Object Reflections and Symmetry

Module 10 – Cutting Planes

PDF version of all 10 Lesson Plans  ** Updated April 2016 **

Sample Quizzes

Sample Quizzes:  These quizzes do not correspond directly to the modules but provide examples for quizzes that faculty may develop

Sample Quiz on Module 1

Sample Quiz on Modules 3, 4 & 5

Sample Quiz on Modules 6, 7 & 8

Sample Quiz on Modules 9 & 10